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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I secure my party?

  • A $200 non-refundable deposit will secure your party date and time.


What is the typical schedule of the party?

  • The first 90 minutes will be in the play area and the last 30 minutes will be in the party room. Once your party guests enter the party room for food and cake the play area will be closed off and guests are not allowed to go back in to play.

  • Any change to this schedule may result in a $50 fee.

What do I need to bring?

  • Just the birthday cake or cupcakes. That is it!! (we do ask that you do not bring ice cream, we do not have a big enough freezer at this time to store ice cream)

Can I order additional food?

  • Absolutely!! You can order additional food through us for no extra charge or bring in your own additional food for a $50 fee. Completely up to you. Please click HERE for a list of food options that can be ordered for an additional cost.

Can I bring in additional decorations?

  • Sure you can...however we want you to not have to do that and that is why we do it all for you. If you do want to bring in addtional decorations we ask that you drop them off the week of the party and that it is minimal.

What is included in the theme decorations?

  • We do a themed background, themed balloons which also include ballons in colors that match the theme. All paper products (plates, napkins etc) are in colors to match the theme.

What time can I arrive for my party?

  • No earlier than 15 minutes before the start of your party. Arriving earlier than 15 minutes before the start of your party may result in a $50 fee.

Can we do an open tab in your cafe for our party guests? We will put the final cost of the open tab onto the invoice at the completion of your party.

  • Absolutely!!

    • You can do a FULL open tab which includes all items we offer

    • You can do BEVERAGES only tab which includes all beverages (Gatorade, milk, water, coffee, tea, seltzer, and juice)


What items do you have in the cafe for purchase?

  • All prepackaged snacks (e.g. goldfish, pirates booty, fruit gummy’s, popcorn, veggie sticks, pop corners, pringles, pretzels, rice cripsies treats etc - please note these are examples not all of these may be available at all times)

  • Drinks - Gatorade, seltzer, water, milk, coffee and tea

How much do the items cost in the cafe?

  • Coffee - $2.00

  • Gatorade - $1.99

  • Juice boxes - $1.99

  • LaCroix - $1.99

  • Milk boxes - $2.25

  • Small water - $1.00

  • Large water - $1.50

  • Large snacks - $1.99

  • Small snacks - $1.00

  • **all item prices above exclude tax…item prices are subject to change**


Can I add additional time to my party?

  • Sure you can! It will be based on availability and must be decided at the time of your booking.

What is the max number of kids I can have at the party?

  • 50 kids

How much do adults cost?

  • Up to 60 adults are free! After 60 adults it is $5 per adult (*as of 10/1/2023*)

What age counts as a kid guest?

  • Any child over the age of 12 months will be considered a guest

What if I would like a theme that is not on your list?

  • Not a problem at all! There will just be a $50 fee for any theme not listed.

What do my guests need to know before they arrive?

  • We are a shoe-free facility! Everyone (kids and adults) must wear socks. 

  • All guests must have signed the waiver for the minor that is participating in the party.

Can we bring in additional entertainment i.e. characters, balloon artists etc?

  • Sure you can! We just ask that you let us know beforehand.

Can we bring an ice cream cake?

  • Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a freezer big enough to hold an ice cream cake.

When do I need to let you know the final headcount?

  • The Tuesday before the party you will provide the final headcount. You will be charged on the final invoice based on this final headcount. If the headcount goes down closer to the party you will still be charged for the original final headcount given on the Tuesday before the party. If guests decide to join last minute we will add them to the final invoice.

What is the favor that is included in our package?

  • The favor is a coloring book, crayons and a return pass for each child guest. Picture of favor below.


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